Friday, November 06, 2009

My Friends, The Great Experiment..., not transwarp drive, we're still working on that one. For this you start with 1/2 " plywood, some 2x4's, 4x4's and 1x6's, a few deck screws, a few adult beverages and next thing you know you have a 12'x5' table...

...then, add some foam panels for padding and...I think a few lights...

...a little snow, some ceramic buildings you've had stored for about 10 years, some Lionel Trains, a little magic, and you have a Christmas Wonderland for the kids and childrens of all ages...

I wasn't one of those kids growing up who fantasized about a massive train layout...trains were a bit before my time. I was more of a slot car guy (still am but more on that later).

But, there seems to be something eternal that links toy trains and Christmas. I just couldn't resist building this, low to the ground and all, so the little kids could enjoy it as much as the big kids. Let me assure you, from the look of wonder in the tiny eyes that have come to see so far I think we hit it.

There's been more than a few nights the last month or so since I finished this that I've gone down after dark, turned off the overhead lights, fired everything up and just sat. And watched. For hours on end. A couple of Saturdays ago my G.S. came over and we went down and just watched for an hour or so without saying a need to. No need to talk, it's just enough to share the moment.

I built in some Easter George at Martini's Bar; Yoda at the head of the Trolley Line; Lightning McQueen - Sheriff - Doc Hudson - Dale Jr. - Mark Martin; the Baily Boarding House & the Building and Loan; even the Now Entering Bedford Falls sign, the High School and the Bridge.

Mainly this is a place to stop, leave this current darkness at the door, and remember the magic of Christmas and the gift of Love...the gift of Grace...we were all given so long ago that is still available to any who desire it.

I've already told everyone I know in the area, now comes your invite: if you live in or will be coming to the Dallas area anytime (this isn't a seasonal display, it's permanent) and would like to come by and see this (or the monster slot car track coming soon!) just email me and let me know. All of you are welcome.

Merry Christmas!

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