Monday, July 28, 2014

No one blogs anymore.

Why does no one blog anymore? I admit I am 'chief among sinners'. Guess it's all about FaceBook and Twitter these days. I have a twitter account but for some reason I have resisted getting on FaceBook. Not saying I never will but for now I just don't want to. I have been on the cutting edge of technology since day one but for some reason FaceBook is a road block. I remember back when I got out of the 'Family Business' back in '97 or so (before pocket cell phones and such) and all I had was a beeper (remember those?) and that little S.O.B could find me ANYWHERE! The day I closed the deal to close out the last holding of the Family Business I walked out of the office, took the beeper off my hip and smashed the damn thing on the ground.

Guess that old rebel instinct has followed me to today. As for FaceBook: as one of my students told me back a few years ago "Oh...That's just for college can't get on there."

OK. So I won't. For now.


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