Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UPDATE: People We Want to Share the Beast's Cave With and A Memoriam

MEMORIAM: Since the last post we have learned the Geoffrey Lewis is no longer with us. So sorry we missed the chance to see you on this side of Paradise. Catch you on the flip side, my friend.

This will always be an ever growing and changing list of friends and heroes we would love to have spend time here in The Cave with us. Here's the next installment in no particular order:

  • Robert Osborne: I have loved for years your stories and insights to classic Hollywood. Would love for you to come and give us some of your favorites and hear your stories.
  • Scott Cann: Love you in Five-O. You are our kind of guy. Really want to meet you.
  • Entire cast of Farscape: Love your work on the show and the chemistry you shared. We blew through the entire series and wrap up in record time here in The Cave. Really would love to have any or all of you come by for a visit.
  • Coach David Clapp: You were my Football Coach in 8th through 12th grade. You taught me what it meant to go beyond my own capabilities, to sacrifice for the good of others, and to be a man. These lessons have been among the most important and have served me the best for the last 45 years. I would love to get back in touch with you, my dearest friend.
  • Bill Burr: you are one crazy guy and speak Beast Cave Language! We have to meet you and thank you!
  • Rudy: Daniel Ruettiger. I was a freshman at Baylor when you played in that game. You were the inspiration for me (long before your story ever hit the big screen) to take my shot as a walk on. I would just love to meet you and thank you.
  • Don Williams: you have captured us to perfection in your songs and made us ask of others 'What do you do with good old boys like us?' Would just love the chance to meet and sit with you a while.
  • Dwight Yoakam: you march to your own drummer, as do we. Would love to spend some time with you in The Cave.
  • Sven-Ole Thorsen: We have enjoyed many a performance of yours in The Cave. You are a Mighty Oak of a man in EVERY sense of the word and we would love the chance to have you come and share your stories and wisdom with us.
  • Last for this round, Gerardo Larrea French better known to The Beast as JERRY: My Brother if ever I have one left on earth. I owe you a visit, and that, too, shall happen, but if you EVER get back here we will spend hours in The Cave catching up and swapping lies!


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