Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What we really need to focus on...

It's not about left or's about right and wrong. And the way congress has been wasting our hard earned money the last few years is wrong. Time to start looking at some REAL alternatives and REAL change next election cycle because all we are going to get from this bunch is more of the same.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The day before yesterday (April 13th 2009) we hit 'Tax Freedom Day'. Today we all mail our checks to the IRS.

All I can say is I'm glad my tax obligation is behind me. I don't have someone at my throat any more!

I'm ready to hit the ground running with endless energy and work for myself from here on out!

I have nothing to worry more strong arm government at my door! I am master of my fate! I am the captain of my soul!

To The Government!!

...and the horse they came trotting in on.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arrrrr Maties!!!

That be a job WELL DONE!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sphincters Among Us-OR-My Message To You

Last Tuesday some sphincters broke into our house and stole some things while we were at work. How do I know you were sphincters?

First-we were working paying taxes so you could be not working, probably taking resources that we paid for and stealing our 'stuff'.

Second- you took a dump in our toilet, wiped your sphincter, then threw the paper in the waste basket (what group does that do 'ya think??).

Here's what I want to say to you: you took some 'stuff' but nothing that can't be replaced. Some of what you took will be of no value to you but means a great deal to us. Some might be of great value to you if you are smart enough to take advantage of it, but I doubt you are, considering what you left behind. By the way, I think you are about the stupidest sphincter I have seen lately because you DID leave the most valuable stuff behind. Besides, what idiot leaves his designer sunglasses behind with a perfect print on it in addition to the afore mentioned DNA evidence?

Care to come back? I will be waiting for you with my two Friends: Mr. Beretta 9 and Mr. Beretta 45...just come on, we are expecting you.

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