Friday, April 20, 2007

"I'm tryin' to think but nuthin happens..."

Tag, I'm it. Laura was nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award by two of her readers. She asked us here to name 5 blogs that make us think. This originated from the Thinking Blogger site. I'll be glad to do that and to tell WHY they make me think. I have all of these on an RSS feed on my Yahoo home page and read them daily.

  1. I found Laura through her comments on Russ's and Jeremy's blogs. I noticed her thoughts paralleled mine so I checked her out and found a very talented young woman who had her feet firmly planted on the ground, loves here husband, her job, and her friends. Kinda' hard not to love her too. She has a way of taking daily life and making it magical. I can't wait to get the latest update on the happenings in her world, whether it's 'what's for dinner', something about programing, travel, or setting the record straight on the stuff that goes on in our crazy world.

  2. What can I say about Allison. She has the most unbelievable outlook on life. Sometimes I 'be weep my outcast state' yet, I see someone here who probably had more reason than all of us put together to complain and she just keeps on going, taking life by the horns and not putting up with it's crap. No one can make a cup of coffee or tea any more exciting than she can. I admire her faith and the love her family has for each other.

  3. Dave over at Better Living Though Blogging and I see eye to eye on every issue...except one: the issue of faith. Dave is an atheist. In my day to day physical world I, like most people, tend to associate with people who think and believe the same way I do. However, in the virtual world sometimes we find out after getting to know someone through their work that there are some differences. I began reading Dave just before he moved from San Antonio (near my neck of the woods) to--pardon the term--God's country. Montana. I am a sucker for anything Montana. Dave swept me away with his enthusiasm as he gushed about his beautiful world. But I have learned that in addition to Montana Dave loves his family and cares deeply for his friends and the community he lives in. He has made me realize what a shame it is to stay in your own little huddle. Heck, Jesus even told us we were supposed to go to the ends of the earth, be salt and light and not JUST hang with those like us.

  4. I started reading Jeremy after I read a comment he left on Alison's site. Something about Google maps and area 51. I knew then that here was a blog I needed to check out. When I saw that he lived in Tucson, where my closest living relatives are, and that he worked in a cubicle jungle like I had-the one that was a live saving career change for me-I was hooked. Where he comes up with the vast storehouse of information he posts I'll never know. He knows more about our fleet of Navy Super Carriers than anyone. Also, in Jeremy I found one who loathes the cowboys as much as I do, although for different reasons. I can always count on Jeremy to present a WIDE range of subjects...never a dull moment. I often find myself saying 'gee, I didn't know that' or 'I never looked at it like that before' after finishing one of his posts. His series on Cubicle Culture is priceless. Besides, I like his color scheme.

  5. Russ is a good friend of Allison. They went to college together. He also has the best initials I've ever seen: R.A.D. His Essays and his Filth McCreery series are must reads. I'm just waiting. Someday soon the 'powers that be' who tell us what's funny in print and pictures (NOT) are going to discover Russ. Then you will be able to buy his books and watch his movies and TV shows. His stuff is better than most of the garbage we're forced to watch now. When that day comes I'll proudly say 'I know that guy! I've been reading him for years!'. Besides, Russ lives in Denver. That's next to the mountains and almost to Montana so it has to be good. Another thing I admire about Russ is his courage. He's not afraid to take on any subject or to speak what's on his mind. At the same time he's compassionate and understanding.
Even though I've never met any of them face to face I consider Laura, Allison, Dave, Jeremy and Russ among my dearest friends. They have enriched my life and taught me many things I would otherwise be ignorant to. I hope they continue to share of themselves...after all, that's the most wonderful gift you can give!

BY THE WAY: The 5 of you consider yourselves nominated and tagged...except Laura of course.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have great choices and I am muchly grateful for your kind comments!!

4:20 PM, April 20, 2007  

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