Wednesday, April 11, 2007

To all the 'mighty whities'

All you honkys and crackers are nothing but dumb towheaded nerds. You have no physical coordination and are only good at business, but that's because all of you keep the other races and nationalities out. You aren't cool, can't be cool, and don't know how to dress. You and you're pasty vanilla skin look stupid. You are a sub class of human. Don't you dare date or marry anyone outside you're race or something bad will happen to you. I don't like you because you're white.

If Al Sharpton, Vicente Fox, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-il say or hint at the above in one form or another I guess that makes it OK.

...the sword cuts both ways, people. If it's bad for one group to do it to another it's bad for all groups to do it to each other. Reminds me of the fights I've mediated between my children: someone-no one knows or remembers who-starts it and it goes back and forth escalating each time. Rodney King had the right question: "Can't we all just get along?"

[I've been told I'm asking for trouble posting this because there are people from all groups who can only see things from their point of view. I try real hard to keep it light here but this time I just had to point out that even though we can find deep fault and wrong on the one side that no side is innocent of making careless remarks. YOU CAN'T MAKE A BLANKET STATEMENT ABOUT ANY GROUP! WE ARE ALL TOO UNIQUE! THERE ARE TOO MANY GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO TRY TO PAINT WITH A BROAD BRUSH!]

Ultimately I guess it's better to be a sharp shooter and hit the target than it is to lob grenades and use shot guns and hurt everyone around you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your "broad brush" sentence.

2:04 PM, April 11, 2007  

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