Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In Respone to Laura's post of 12-18

In response to Laura's post here:

FIRST RE trees: we've elected for the 2nd year in a row NOT to put one up due to the large # (6) of young kitties in the house who would make hockey puck's out of the ornaments!!! (We might try for next year)

SECOND RE shopping: we elected to give that universal green gift certificate this all the kids and immediate family. All we had to do is pick out the appropriate cards to go with.

THIRD: our Christmas office party - since we work together - will be this Thursday 12-21 for lunch at one of DFW's best Tex-Mex restraints (complete with draft adult refreshments)! By the way: if you haven't tried working with your spouse/significant other I heartily recommend it!!! Been doing it for a cumulative total of...a long time now...and I can say it's the best!! You say you can't work with your spouse? Then why are you married to them?!?!?

FOURTH: After coming off the last week & a half of 70-80 degree weather we are facing cold, rainy/and-or icy weather for Christmas weekend. That and the fact my Beautiful Wife and I have off from FR 12-22 until TU 12-26 makes for a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS WEEKEND with FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!

Hope all of you have one too!!



Blogger Laura said...

I love that you are posting a response to a post!! This is the beauty of blogging.

I wish the weather would be cruddy here.

11:41 AM, December 20, 2006  

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