Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Whose side did you fight on during the Wars, daddy?"

Downloaded IE 7 today. So far I'm pretty impressed. Pages load noticably faster than IE 6. Of course the best feature is Tabbed Browsing. Most everything I do for work is web based...shipping/accounting apps, customer service apps, access to FedEx-UPS-USPS for tracking...so I normally have at least 5 browser windows open at once in addition to email, Office apps, and at least 2 IM conversations going at a time. The taskbar gets a little crowded sometimes so anything that can help the clutter is appreciated.

Before you say it, I KNOW Firefox has offered Tabbed Browsing for some time now. I love their layout. Everything is logical and intuitive. Sometimes when I have had trouble uploading a pic here in IE 6 Firefox will do it with no back-talk. Occasionally the text and alignment on Jeremy's site will render weird in IE 6 but not in Firefox. My main reason for not using Firfox is it's behavior on HTTPS sites. Our main online app at work (NetSuite) is all via HTTPS. Firefox just will not work right...even version 1.5 and 2.0 RC3. One other thing: it's memory management compared to IE 6 or IE 7. Right now I have 1 tab open in Firefox to my work app and it is swallowing up 40,868K of RAM at idle. IE 7 is using 11,764K at idle with 6 tabs open, including the same one that's open in Firefox! Can you say Memory Hog?

Honestly, I think they're both pretty good. The 'set-it-and-forget-it' part of me loves Firefox's simplicity. It stands alone and leaves a light footprint on the system. If it crashes you're still in business system-wise. IE on the other hand: doesn't 'break' often but when it does it takes the whole system with it and you're screwed (when I did IE support we used to joke that the only call script we needed was 'You're screwed', hang up, answer next call, repeat). IE assimilates itself like a Borg implant and is a real bear to repair. I do have an easier time manipulating my favorites and cache with IE, but that's probably due to my background more than anything. Bottom line, I really don't see why so many people, on BOTH sides, cop this 'mine-is-best-and-yours-is-crap' attitude.

Same thing with all the other wars:
  • Windows vs. Apple (and yes, Virginia, I have used a Mac before). If all I did was email, web, video/pics a Mac would be great. Since I have to actually use a computer for business and like an occasional game or two I use a PC.
  • iPod vs. everything else (iRiver in my case). iPod's are cool and trendy...and overpriced...and fragile...and light on features (no FM-radio? Come on!) but they ARE cool and trendy. My iRiver came with an armband, steel chord nearly-indestructible lanyard, smaller that an iPod Shuffle but with an easy to read display, FM radio (great for the TV simulcast in the club while on the treadmill), protective case, lasts 12+ hours on 1 AA battery, & enough memory that I can go for 3-4 hour rides and not hit the end of the play list, all for about $150 3 years ago (way less than that now with more memory). The iPod's of the day, didn't offer the flash option-just the fragile hard drive - and were about twice as expensive...still are today, although with more memory. Plus I've heard stories about iPod batteries that won't hold a charge. My iRiver has survived thousands of workouts, thousands of miles on bike rides & dozens of drops with hardly a scratch. Some iPod users I know haven't been so lucky. But iPods really do look cool.
  • Dell vs. HP; Ford vs. Chevy; McDonalds vs. Jack-In-The-Box; Chocolate vs. Vanilla; Mustard vs. Mayo...

You get the point.

It comes down to this: what do YOU like? what are YOU most comfortable with? what fits YOUR needs best? I'm just thankful we live in a world where competition keeps pushing the envelope on software & hardware development, consumer products...and keeps prices down!

So, if you have Windows XP with service pack 2 download IE 7 and have fun!



Blogger Laura said...

Great post, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am primarily an IE user and probably always will be. I have no problem with Firefox and I can understand why many (although not all) choose to use it.

However I am refusing to download IE 7 at this point for many personal reasons. My husband has been beta-ing Vista for a while and his hear-me-now-and-believe-me-later stance is that it will be a serious pitfall in the Microsoft train. Also, I am wary of the interface, with the buttons moved all over the frickin place.

5:42 PM, October 24, 2006  
Blogger Beast1624 said...

With my aproaching new-computer-build I have been contemplating Vista. I'm leaning toward Core 2 Quatro when released in a few weeks but I'm afraid to take full advantage I'll be forced into Vista.

I have never been thrilled with Microsoft's restrictive licenses. I've seen too many horrors with XP and the later Office programs. Plus from what I hear Vista tries to protect us to death. Let me know what happend with the last couple of RC's!

5:22 PM, October 25, 2006  

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