Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like...

(From Glacier National Park today. It's a little north of're a lucky guy Dave!)

Well, it's started. Halloween has officially kicked off the Holiday Season. We woke up yesterday morning to 65 degrees and muggy. About 9:30 a cold front blew in right on cue. It's been upper 40s to lower 5o's with gray and blustery skies since...perfect Holiday weather! The trees haven't quite started to turn yet but this fall has been one of my favorites: the days have gotten ever-so-slightly-and-gradually cooler and the night have mostly been brisk and refreshing, at least for here. I hope this combination along with the hot & dry summer we had will make for some beautiful this rate it should peak around Thanksgiving.

The last 2 weeks of October are always special. The world starts gearing up for the final run to the end of the year: Baseball has just ended, football is in full swing, all the fall festivals and carnivals are cranking up plus Election Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years all around the corner. It all starts with Halloween. (Oh yes...all the candy is pretty neat too!)

This year we will have family visiting from out of town for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to that. Hope your season is special!



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