Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Had the sonogram on Friday and an appointment with the urologist yesterday.

First the good news: no evidence of cancer, tumors, swelling or anything drastic.

The bad news: after being manipulated, poked, prodded, pulled, twisted, squeezed and shaken (but not stirred) I'm hurting worse than ever. Wouldn't mind so much except it wasn't even enjoyable (I know...I know, girls, my wife already told me 'now you know what I have to go through for a mammogram!')

I have what is called a hydrocele but the unusual thing, the doc said, was there is no swelling or fluid buildup that he can detect. He put me on a week of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory just in case there's some infection there. Have to sit in a hot bath for 15 minutes each night...hate that because the meds won't allow beer. Also I have to wear a supporter or compression shorts/cycling shorts each day to relieve pressure. At least my wife likes my butt in compression shorts.

I'm thankful that it wasn't any more serious. He said it could be the result of an injury...wonder if this is because of Edge's challenge a few weeks back? Could Commando's freedom and openness have unforeseen side effects? Probably not.

Now for 'What Grinds My Gears'
Received a prescription for Naprozen and Doxycycline. Have to take one of each twice a day. The Naproxen says 'take with food or milk'. The Doxycycline says 'take no milk, dairy products, calcium, magnesium or iron withing 2 hours'.


Next, the drug information sheet that came with the Doxycycline (the one htat says no dairy products or calcium) says 'while taking this medication the following oral supplements are suggested: calcium, iron, magnesium...'


Also, when the doctor came in he asked me when the symptoms started. As I began to explain he cut me off and asked another question. It was then I realized he wasn't listening to me but was looking down, answering yes/no drill-down questions on a touch screen device. At first I thought 'WTH' then I just sat back, shut up & answered his questions. Are we all doomed? Has modern medicine been reduced to a technical flow chart? Can we survive much longer?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good news is you know what it is. But I take no responsibility for it. Hey if you had wild chandelier swinging monkey sex and someone likes to have their package squeezed to heighten intensity, that ain't me!

I've learned with doctors that they are trained to chemically solve problems. They are doctors of MEDICINE, that's what they know. That's what they are taught and re-inforced with in med school and drug companies. Once that bit of truth can through I realized why a psychiatrist looks at a bi-polar person and says, "You need meds," a psychologist says, "Let's test you," and a counselor asks, "How do you feel about being bi-polar". That's what they are trained to do. I'm the worst patient. I always ask, "So what caused that? And what caused that? And what is the root cause and are we treating the root cause?"

It's like I hit 35 and the world made more sense.


9:16 AM, May 16, 2008  
Blogger J. Hi said...

I have been very frustrated with doctors and their capacity to listen also. As long as we have to wait to see them, you would think they could take 5 minutes to listen to why we are there.

Hope your...hope you feel better soon.

3:58 PM, May 16, 2008  

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