Monday, March 31, 2008


Spring. All the trees here are out here except the Pecans...they are the last to drop in the fall and last to come out in the spring. The Live Oaks are about half way through their shed and bloom. I'm probably about 2 weeks away from getting back to my normal Saturday mowing routine.

One of the first signs that winter was about over was the running of the Dayton 500 in mid February. Now the Nascar season is well under way, the cycling season has started, basketball & hockey are about to start their 3-month playoff run and baseball is here. What is the deal with baseball? I know that many of you love the game but it has never floated my boat. I tried several times as a kid to play on a team but I could never get passionate about it. Same with basketball. Since they didn't follow the faster/farther/stronger-than-the-other-guy formula I just couldn't get into them.

I have always been a fan of more physical sports like football & rugby and less main stream sports like track & field, skiing (all the Olympic sports, really), weightlifting (particularly the Strong Man competitions) and lately pro cycling. When Jerry By-God Jones bought the cowboys and fired Tom Landry back in '89 he ruined football for me so that left the lesser known. Pro cycling is very interesting. It's like auto racing, track, and regular team sport all rolled into one. There are races of one day all the way up to 3 weeks, races against other teams, other individuals and races against the clock. I like auto racing too. I usually try to catch part or all of the Nascar races. I'm a Dale Jr./Tony Stewart/Kevin Harvick fan.

But no matter how hard I try I just can't get into baseball. I've gone to Ranger games, even sat in the luxury boxes, but no-luck. I love the history and the stories & movies (the Babe Ruth Story and Major League are two of my all time favorites) but to sit down and watch a game...I'd rather have a hangnail pulled. Or go mow the grass.

The only time I really enjoyed the game was my Sophomore year in college. We formed a rag-tag intramural team (emphasis on rag). Since I didn't have much experience I was relegated to catcher. The intramural league was chock full of ex-jocks who took games more seriously than classes and playing catcher I got the chance to see that, on occasion, softball can be a contact sport. I am proud to say that during the entire season I never lost a home plate show down. We did pretty good...wound up going to the final round of the playoffs. After that spring I never had another opportunity to get into it.

Question 1: for those of you who love baseball, what is the appeal to you? what do you love about it?

Question 2: what are some less-mainstream or off beat sports that you are a fan of?

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Blogger Laura said...

I was never a baseball fan until I got married. For me, it's self-perpetuating. The appeal is in the fact that I have a team and I watch it every day and I know a lot about it. At first, I just tolerated it because my husband watched it all the time. And I thought it was the most boring sport known to man. But if I can get into it, anybody could.

I watch almost any sport - I really love the Olympics. Otherwise we just don't have much opportunity to watch "other" sports.

5:03 PM, March 31, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like baseball because of it's history and resilience. It's basically the same game it was when it started. Lots of history, tradition and superstition. And it really is a game anyone can win on any given day. Most sports aren't like that. Pro teams often play college teams in spring training and are pretty well matched. I like the social aspect of it too. Baseball is a past time not a sport. It's meant to be watched and put down and picked up again. Cricket is even more so.

I have to admit I think Rugby is pretty cool as well as Australian football. I like the winter olympic sport where they ski and shoot.


12:40 PM, April 01, 2008  

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