Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Hershey Christmas

For Christmas we decided to get out of town. Took off the whole week, left here on Friday the 21st after work and drove to Hershey PA to visit our daughter & family. Fortunately we had good weather all the way there and back, especially since we drove straight through both ways. We were about a week late and a week early to catch snow but it was still a neat visit. I told my wife on the way back that this was the first Christmas in my entire life I had not been home. She thought and said it was the same for her. We did a little shopping, toured the Hershey Christmas lights (yes, they really do have street lights that look like Hershey Kisses) but mainly just hung out and enjoyed everyone's company.

Gingerbread House Construction

My B.F.F.

When we returned home we had another Christmas over New Year's weekend with everyone here. Not sure if we will do next Thanksgiving and Christmas like this but this one was for the record books.

This year we were brave and put up a tree at home--first time in 3 years. We figured that since the cats were all more than 3 years old we wouldn't have to worry about ornaments getting batted all over....HA. We have the oldest 'kittens' ever. At least they didn't knock the tree over...only noticed a little tinsel coming out in the litter box. There is nothing funnier than watching a cat try to run away from poo that's stuck to a piece of tinsel.



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