Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just Ride...with wings.

After my cycling post I realized that I've never posted a picture of the motor cycle:

Not bad for almost 30 years old: 1978 Honda CB-750K, Vetter Windjammer SS faring with lowers, about 12,000 miles. When I bought it I had to have the carburetors rebuilt because it had been setting for several years with little use. When I replaced the exhaust I had to take off the Calafia saddle bags and tail trunk. Even though the brands were mixed the fairing and saddle bags matched really well . If anyone is interested in the saddle bags, tail trunk or sissy bar let me know. I have all the mounts & they should fit most Hondas from the mid-70's to about '80. My daughter says she likes it better this way, though. Says it doesn't look like an 'old man's' bike now. Kids...

Some day I might try to get something a little newer that I would feel ok traveling across country on...a Honda or Yamaha V-Twin or maybe a good sports bike like Brent's over at Cruizer's World. Good used ones can be had in the 4-8K range. I just can't see paying 2-3 times that for a Harley just to have a name on the side. This one has been very reliable over the last couple of years but parts are a little hard to come by now. When I talked about rigging up a rack so I could carry my bicycle to Arizona for the El Tour de Tucson in November my Beautiful Wife dropped the hammer and said NO.

I've really enjoyed this one since I've had it. It's my ride to and from work, church and for runs around town. I get about 35 mpg in the city and it only costs $120 a YEAR for INSURANCE!! I may never buy another car!



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