Monday, March 13, 2006

Back To The Future...

Thought I'd share the comment I left at Jeremy's regarding his post about The Action Office and what life in a cube farm is like [besides...mommy (my wife) made me take down my original post on 'Why Cyclists Wear Black Shorts']:

"Way back (no way I’m telling how far) in 2nd grade I envisioned a world where I wouldn’t have to see the teacher or other people face to face; I could do all my work in private in a small box with doors, walls, a roof and A/C piped in (our school wasn’t air conditioned…ooops! Just dated myself); would never need to write anything down (I had/still have illegible handwriting) ‘cause I could type it all and it would show up on a T.V. screen; machines like the ones in the original Star Trek series (just dated myself again) could correct my spelling and print it out when needed; I could just ‘beam’ my assignments to the teacher when I finished them; I could keep it all on those little plastic squares they used; we would all have those hand-held communicators to stay in touch instead of telephones; we would have another T.V. screen to keep contact with the outside world and pull up all the information from the library without having to go there; and, if needed, we could do all this from home. Funny how stuff you dream up as a kid never comes true…"



Anonymous Jeremy said...

I gotta admit; I like this post better than the non-black cycling shorts.

Even if it is about Cubicle Culture.

(And that I had such fantasies when I was the same age)

6:59 PM, March 14, 2006  

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