Monday, September 22, 2008

"If You Can Think Of Any Other Way I Can Screw That Up For You Please Let Me Know"

This has been the theme of my life lately at work. It's like every other thing I touch gets messed up. I have a varried and often unrealted range of job duties that make 'multi-tasking' seem like Sunday School and Tinker Toys. From customer support via phone & email, accounting, inventory, IT, HR and managing client services (making the corporate customer happy) it's easy to mix things up sometimes or forget to cross t's and dot I's.

Our business has increased steadily recently. In April we hired a new person in our there are 3 of us and we are twice as busy as we were a year ago. This is a VERY nice problem to have except you have to keep ahead of the wave.

The other day I had to process a purchase order for 20 new items all of which had to be set up in our system and tested via the clients website to make sure display-price-wording-picture-inventory flow-shipping & tracking were all working and synced. Within a week I received 5 separate changes to each item's cost and description...that's over 100 changes just to one PO. What they don't seem to understand is, while I can do a pretty good job getting it right the first time, each time they ask me to make a change the chances of me screwing up increase EXPONENTIALLY. When the dust settles and one little item slips through with the cost off by a few cents I'm the one who gets the whippin'.

I can't complain. My worst days now are better than my best days used to be when we had the Family least now I can laugh and make jokes about it the old days I would just get sick and wish I'd never been born.

One thing I've learned: no matter what happens, no matter how far down you are, no matter how dark it looks you ALWAYS have one last resort to fall back on that trumps anything 'they' can throw at you...



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