Friday, September 12, 2008

Hard Rain

This one's gonna' hurt...

Received this picture this morning from a friend. The surf coming over the 20+ foot sea wall at Galveston.

To my fellow Texicans: be careful out there, get out of there if you can. God speed and you are in our prayers.

As for me and my Beautiful Wife: we are expecting 12 or so hours of sustained tropical force winds here in the Dallas area. We will be spending most of that time down with her Babies at the pasture to make sure they get through ok. Here's Roxie...she died this past January but we still have her buddies Sonny and Sugar:

She was my girl...sure do miss her! We don't care about the house...I've kept the trees trimmed so they aren't carrying any extra weight, all the batts are down and the roofs in good shape. If anything happens it happens, I can't prevent it...that's what we have insurance for. But the pasture is heavily wooded and the stalls aren't the best built so we have to protect the ones that can't protect themselves.

Let you know how everything comes out on the other side.



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