Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Wedding

Our youngest is getting married Saturday. They are having a small, simple ceremony in our back yard-just 50 or 60 close friends. The last 4 or 5 weeks we have been slowly rebuilding our deck

Here's my Beautiful Wife Sunday 6-8 just after we finished the major part of the project. The area around the house was pretty simple...just take off the old top boards and replace them with new ones. Luckily the framing underneath was still in really good shape but the top boards were weathered to a dull gray and after sitting in the Texas weather since @ 1985, despite being genuine redwood and being stained & sealed every few years, had begun to splinter and the ends rot to the point they would not hold nails anymore.

The area where she's sitting is the new part, nearly doubling the size of the deck. This area had been in limbo for some time. We had planned various things from grass (really a tough area with blazing sun half the day and heavy shade the rest of the time) to a rock garden to Jazmin beds with a cobbled walkway down to the stairs. I think her idea of extending the deck was perfect. Maintenance will be simpler. The tough thing was building the framing and getting everything level.
Since we have a huge back yard I will be taking tomorrow off to work a little magic with the help of Mr. Snapper. Dumped a boatload of Miracle Grow on it last night so it should be pretty perky by Saturday. Kind of excited to see the end result. We've done a ton of small touches since these pics 11 days ago, plus a few strings of soft white lights and some Tiki torches should create quite a scene around twilight. I'll post more later.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few things. First, there is no way I could fit 50 - 60 people on the postage stamp I own.

Second, Nice back yard, obviously not a new development around my house.

Third, can I drive the little blue and yellow playschool car by the pool.


5:15 AM, June 20, 2008  

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