Tuesday, June 05, 2007


While we were busy with life the seasons turned. Our area has suffered a terrible drought the last couple of years but it started raining in February and hasn't really stopped. Usually by the first of June around here the grass is starting to die out from heat stress...this time we're having problems with too much water. Haven't been able to swim any because the waters just too cold!

Maybe we will have a summer like '92. That was the year mom was in the hospital all of July and August. I had a huge problem finding enough dry time to take care of her yard and mine. We didn't have hardly any days above the mid 90's.

The wet weather this spring has officially busted our drought. It's been just what the doctor ordered for my freshly laid back yard:

80% of what you see was laid in early April. Our main problem is all those trees. They make an absolutely beautiful canopy but it's murder trying to get grass to grow under them. I'll have to get out this weekend and play lumberjack and try to get some light down especially in the far back without ruining our shade.



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