Friday, May 25, 2007

Cycling Update

Last weekend my Beautiful Wife and I had a wonderful time doing the bike ride at Texas Motor Speedway. When we arrived we drove through the south tunnel to the garage area where check in was set up. The shirts were the nicest looking of any I've ever received at one of these events. The weather was cool and damp with light showers...perfect for cycling.

We started on pit road and made a lap around the track. I was AMAZED how high the banking was! It's steeper than the roof on my house. After the lap we went out the north tunnel and made 1.5 laps around the speedway perimeter then back in the south tunnel. This was just over 10 miles (the parking lot at this place is unbelievably huge).

They were also doing a 30, 50, and 100 mile ride. Just after we started my Beautiful Wife asked if I wanted to try the 30 miler. I told her to wait until we hit 10 and see how her pressure sensitive areas responded. When we rounded the last corner she decided that 10 was good for the day!

I've done 75 miles in a day before, and then it took another day before I could feel anything 'down there'...a very disconcerting feeling for a guy! As time has gone by I've gotten used to it. I also learned more about seat adjustment up/down/forward/back. One surprising thing is how much handle bar height and tilt affect your seat comfort. I don't get numb anymore. My limitation these days is how much (or little) life my legs have in them.

This was the first ride my wife has ever done with me...I hope it's not the last! Here are a few pics:

Looking at the start/finish line from just inside turn 4

Turn 4 in the background (My Beautiful Wife in the fashionable headwear of the day...boy, am I gonna pay for posting this one...)

Some VERY expensive condos.

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Blogger Damsel said...

We've been to TMS a couple of times for the races. I can't imagine why anyone would want one of those condos! I don't understand paying *that much money* for someplace that you can't even enjoy because it's so freakin' LOUD!!!!

Great blog!!

10:31 PM, June 05, 2007  

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