Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Movie Reviews

We have seen an unusually high number of movies the last few weeks, both at the theater and on DVD. Most have been good but some not quit so:

At the Theater=
Norbit: an ultimately-happy-ending geek-gets-beauty story that we've seen before. Probably better to wait and rent the DVD on this one and save your cash.

Because I Said So: surprisingly touching story about the single mother of 3 adult daughters' and the youngest daughter's search for the right guy. Lauren Graham has a seriously fine...well, see the movie and you'll know what I mean. I liked this one.

Music and Lyrics: a little slow in spots but it's worth it to see Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore play off each other. Some good music in this one.

Ghost Rider: I loved it. What blew me away was my Beautiful Wife liked it too. Lots of action without any blood and gore. Don't take little kid's, though, they will probably wet their pants. Just wish Sam Eliot had more screen time.

Flicka: pretty good. A little bumpy and forced in spots...tries too hard to be another 'Horse Whisperer'. If you compare it to that it falls FLAT. The actors aren't very convincing or very good horseman according to my Beautiful Wife. Overall the scenery is good and my wife loved the focus on horses.

John Tucker Must Die: as far as teen movies go i guess it's above average. Moves at a fast clip, never bogs down, and ultimately has a good message in the end.

The Break-Up: very good. Very funny moments but a serious subject. Vince Vaughn is hysterical (he had to have improved a vast majority of his lines) then brings it right back down to earth. Jennifer Aniston is cute as ever (Brad Pitt is a fool). Overall this movie is very believable and shows what happens when we try to play games and one-up each other in our relationships.

Season 1 of the Best TV Show of All Time: It's still as magical as it was 20 years ago. If you haven't, especially those of you who were a little too young to appreciate it then, check it out.

Whew---that's allot in just the last 4 weeks. Looking forward now to '300'. That should be very interesting. I have always been fascinated by the story of the Spartans. I hope it's better than 'Troy'. Also looking forward to the summer big ones: 'Spider Man 3' and 'Live Free or Die Hard'. Looks to be a pretty good summer.

Anyone know of anything else on the horizon that looks good?



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