Monday, February 19, 2007

When I Die...

After last week I felt it time to update this. Some may find this really strange but last week I watched a friend's family struggle at times with the 'what would he have wanted done...' question while planning his memorial. I'm doing for my family what I wish my Dad, Mom and Brother had done for me: said what they wanted as a memorial. I've wondered for years if I did what they would have wanted. I hope this will help make it a little easier for mine when the time comes.

To my family and friends: just a suggestion...if there is something else you need to do for your peace and comfort do it...ultimately this is for you, not me.

If I went while riding a 2-wheeled vehicle, driving very fast, weightlifting, fishing, etc. then I died doing what I enjoyed.

Have a family visitations at the church the night before the funeral. Don't know if enough people will show up to justify the space but it's a place I felt comfortable and needed.

Have a party...CELEBRATE...I finally made it off this broken world. I will have already had all kinds of wonderful reunions...and I'll be busy fishing 'that river' with' with Dad, Brother, and my Son so enjoy yourselves and being with each other. Don't be sad for me, If you're sad, be sad because I got to Heaven first and you're left behind. But can make it here too by accepting Jesus Christ as savior. You aren't giving up freedom, your choosing freedom. [If that turns some of you off, sorry. I can't help but tell the Beautiful News...if I wasn't willing to do that with my dying breath it wouldn't be much of a message, would it]

Cheaper is better, but one request: make it solid black (gold or gray stripes are ok). And if you can find a 'Skull' decal like the blog logo stick that on the lid.

Funeral Attire
Everyone, including the pastor, wear jeans and casual shirts. Sandals, tennis shoes, cowboy boots, work boots: all ok. NO SUITS, TIES, DRESS WEAR of any kind, or FANCY DRESS SHOES, please. Relax and have fun.

Picture Slideshow
Seems in life I was always doing one of these things for others. I'm sure the Lord will provide someone to do it for me if it's meant to be. Remember, in the end it's all for you guys.

Playlist for Before
Davy Crockett Alamo Speech by John Wayne
Good Ole Boys Like Me by Don Williams
Forever Afternoon, Tuesday? by the Moody Blues
Puff The Majic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary [I had to grow old but I refused to grow up]
Montana from Horse Whisperer
The Wedding from Legends of the Fall
Goodbyes from Legends of the Fall
The First Time I Love Forever by Lisa Angelle and Ron Perlman
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from Phantom Of The Opera [for my daughters]
What A Wonderful World [long version] by Louis Armstrong
Hallelujahs by Chris Rice
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Matt Redman
When All is Said and Done by Matt Redman
If You Know You're Loved by Matt Redman

No organ. Just good, old fashioned MP3's via computer, iPOD or whatever platform they've come up with by then...Amberle, you know where to find em'.

During the service
These were close to my heart:

Face Down by Matt Redman
Jesus, Lover Of My Soul (the one that starts out "It's all about you, Jesus...)
When All is Said and Done by Matt Redman
If You Know You're Loved by Matt Redman

(guitar/piano-etc. is ok but no organ)

Don't pump sunshine up my skirt. Don't gloat about how wonderful I was 'cause I guranty you I could find some to get up and say how sorry I was. I was the 'chief of sinners'. Instead explain the cross and salvation by grace. You can make it straight and to the point, pastor. Take this opportunity to explain that life here is just preparation for life in Heaven. Then, give an Invitation (weird, I know, but I figure that at a time like this everyone's wondering "where will I go when it's my time?")

As People Leave
Amazing Grace Bagpipe version from Braveheart
Repeat playlist from the start.



Blogger Cory said...

Not strange at all. It's something I think about alot. I'm no professional funeral crasher, but I am fascinated by final arrangements. They represent who the person was, even if others were oblivious.

10:33 AM, June 10, 2006  
Anonymous russ said...

I have all of these mostly prepared...just not written anywheres.

9:37 AM, June 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is awesome. And you are completely awesome for picking music from Legends of the Fall. I am almost jumping up and down, I didn't know anybody else appreciated that score like I do. At my funeral I would choose "The Ludlows" from Legends of the Fall and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by Iz.

1:45 PM, February 20, 2007  

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