Tuesday, January 09, 2007

13 Questions

Laura posed these 13 questions. I thought 'what the heck?' I haven't answered any in a while...

1. Pink or blue? If the choice is between these two I guess it has to be blue...although I used to have a pink Disco shirt that I really liked...
2. Odd or even numbers? Even. When I grab a handfull of M&Ms I compulsively check to make sure it's an even number...not only that but it has to be in multiples of 4.
3. Hair in a pony tail or down? If my Beautiful Wife an daughters would let me...pony tail. But, I have been threatened. If I ever do they will cut it off in my sleep.
4. Skirts or pants? (For dressing up, not for normal life) I like women in skirts. I can't help it...I think women's legs are attractive.
5. TV Shows or Movies? Other than Smallville, Supernatural, and a handful of Discovery and Learning Channel shows it's movies...hands down.
6. Shopping or playing on the internet? As neat as it is to get new stuff I just don't like the hassle of the shopping infrastructure: fight the parking lot, the crowd, all that walking, give me a web page any day.
7. Comedy or Drama? Both. I like the action-comedy stuff where the hero has really cool comebacks and one-liners.
8. Roses or Orchids? I've never missed with roses. Usually one perfect long stem in a vase given at the right time (left on a window sill 2 stories up outside a dorm room...but that's another story) works wonders.
9. Shaving cream or just water? I have a beard right now but when I get the mood to shear it off I use an electric in the shower. I have to use shaving cream or I wind up looking like a plucked turkey.
10. Left or right handed? Nearly ambidextrous. I can do most things with the left hand about as good as the right and in a pinch I can write passably with it. Both my daughters are lefties, so was my Grandmother.
11. Tofu or peas? Since peas are cousins of beans (as in re-fried beans) I'd have to pick peas.
12. Liberal or Conservative? Let's see: I believe everyone in government (hired and elected) is there to serve the public...they work for US and NOT the other way around; I detest lawyers; I think people should be free to pursue their dreams without some bureaucrat, politician, or government inspector trying to beat them down or tax them to death; I think the government should be there to take care of and help those who TRULY are needy and can't help themselves. Sometimes broad labels don't tell the whole story.
13. Dreamy or realistic? Realistic dreams. I love good epic fantasy stories. In High School I tore through Le Morte d'Arthur. In college I was mesmerized by The Hobbit and L.O.T.R. long before it was cool. I'm a Star Wars and Star Trek junky. Love that kind of stuff but there has to be some believability...passion and love...fantasy for fantasy's sake doesn't really move me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems to me that skirts are like long hair... all men love them on women but very few women want to wear them.

1:29 PM, January 09, 2007  

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