Friday, December 22, 2006

More Christmas Past

I remember when I was about 4 years old. We were coming home from somewhere late on Christmas Eve. We had just turned onto our street and I was the typical dead-tired-but-wired-for-sound little kid who was about to wet his pants waiting for Santa to come!

Mom and Dad were ready to leave me on a corner somewhere because I was driving them nuts with questions and the eternal 'why?' after each answer.

My brother, about 10 at the time, told me "Hey! When we get home you've gotta' go to bed in a hurry 'cause Santa is coming!"

I said "Whatever" and thought 'Yeah, right. That's the same line Mom and Dad have been feeding me all night. I know all the presents they have for me are already under the tree. Besides, it's too late for Santa to turn back because he's committed to coming. Go peddle your stuff to a novice...I'm a pro. I aint't fallin' for that. I'm 004: kid with a license to misbehave'.

He jumped up and pointed out the back window of the car and said "Look! There's Rudolph's nose now! They'll be here any minute!"

I turned around and lo-and-behold there was Rudolph's nose blinking on and off bright as could be!!! It was moving across the sky and heading towards us! I turned around, sat down & shut my mouth like the flick of a switch! About that time we pulled in the driveway. I burst from the car, ran into the house leaving a trail of clothes behind, jumped into my pajamas and dove in bed. I was asleep in less than a minute!

I'm sure Dad and my brother shared a high-five afterwards.

I can't look at a 'blinking red light in the sky' on Christmas eve without remembering!



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