Thursday, December 28, 2006

For Jeremy

In response to your post today:

You asked a question. I can answer an emphatic NO! It's not wrong for you to feel this way. It's not wrong to feel bad or low. Remember Elijah. Even after having a tremendous victory on Mt. Carmel he got so depressed after Jezebel's threat that he wanted to die. Job, too. He didn't know why things happened the way they did but, like you, he clung to his faith. Sometimes it's a tremendous accomplishment just to survive a year and put it behind you.

I look back over that last several years at where I've been and where events have led me to now and I can see a little clearer. I don't know if these things happen just so we can learn a lesson, for us to gain experience for a larger mission down the road, to steer us away from or onto certain paths, or all of these and more. I just know you are RIGHT to recognise it, RIGHT to talk about it and analyze it, and RIGHT to feel the way you do.

And don't feel bad about being private with your feelings. I've found that often your safer to keep your struggles and hurts between you & God and not allow someone, even well meaning, to kick you in the gut while your down. Guard your heart. No one has walked in your shoes this last year. No one knows what you've had to endure and go through. I have every confidence you will find the path and that the future will be kind to you.

Sleep well, brother, Sleep well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I loved his post, too. Not that I'm happy about suffering, but you know.
Because I've definitely been there in the past few years. I wish I could write more about my personal feelings on my blog.

Thank you!

5:20 PM, December 28, 2006  

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