Friday, June 09, 2006

Ride report

Have to put the CB750 (Cycle Beast 750) in the shop tomorrow. We have switched to ethanol in our area and I'm afraid my carbs are the victim. That meant procuring alternate transportation to work today. My trusty 'ole X01 stood waiting.

Not a long commute by any means, just 4.5 miles, but the road here is a steady 4% uphill grade. Except for the 1/4 mile long 10% downhill in one's always a thrill to see if I can hit 40. Only made it to 35 today. I used to commute by bicycle nearly every day until I got the motorcycle. I was pleased that I was only 2 minutes over my old average time. It was a very satisfying ride, traffic tame and not too hot.

The ride home is usually a little faster, except the mean uphill on a 100+ day like today is supposed to be. Will update later.

UPDATE: Got to the bottom of the big hill and a friend stopped and gave me a ride to the top. The rest was easy. Considering temps hovering around 100 I decided not to be too proud.

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