Monday, June 12, 2006

On Mother's Day

It was 13 years ago almost this very minute that you left. Some of the details of that day are a blur to me still...I think my mind has blocked them out on purpose. But I still remember the tripple rainbow in the crystal sky. Even though you are gone I feel your presance...just like I feel Dad and Brother sometimes. I know this is part of a gift from God that I can't explain, I just know it's real.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into raising me and Brother. We didn't always show our appreciation like we should have but we always loved you.

I've had to make some decisions the last 13 years about things that you probably would not have made were you here, but I think if I were able to talk to you now you would approve since your point of view has changed. All I know is I was the one left behind and I had to make decisions I could live with. I am very satisfied to say that I can do that...all of them. No one has the right to question what I did or why unless they walked in my shoes.



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