Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On my mind...

I know there's not much up there but I did manage to come up with some answers to Laura's questions

Itching to work with… I know I sound like Hank Hill but I dearly love mowing with my Snapper Commercial mower with a Honda engine. Makes the yard look like a carpet and it starts EVERY time you pull the rope.

Listening to… white noise. Can’t really get into anything here at work. Never know when we will get flooded with calls.

Driving… the motorcycle. It was too nice this morning not to.

Shopping fix… plop me down in the middle of Cabela’s/Bass Pro, Home Depot/Lowes, Best Buy/Fry’s. I don’t want to buy anything, just want to wander around for a while.

Signature scent… Since after the first few minutes I can’t smell it anyway I defer to what my Beautiful Wife and Daughters like best (they will smell it a lot more than I will)-Aramis. Same theory applies to my hair. Since she will have to look at it more than me I have it cut the way she likes it.

Necessary extravagance… Weatherby Euromark in 257 Wby Mag with Leupold Vx-3 4.5-14x50mm scope. Either that or Cheesecake.

Maintenance must-haves… Casio Solar Powered G-Shock with Atomic Timing. I’ve had mine for about 4 years. It syncs with the Atomic Clock in Bolder CO. each night. I gave my son and SIL each one just like it. When we are all together we love to compare and see all 3 synced up to the second. Plus this thing can take everything I’ve thrown at it from construction to ditch digging to jack hammers to bike wrecks.

Fear factor… rats. OK? Let’s just leave it at rats.

Currently craving… What-A-Burger triple meat with cheese…but since that’s not good for me I’ll probably wind up with leaves.

Speed dialing… Just my wife and kids. I seldom get any calls from anyone else.

Latest splurge… toys for the Cave.

If I weren’t a… Beast I’d be the Timpanist for the NY Philharmonic.

Dreaming of… Montana.

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Blogger Laura said...

Thank you for playing. I thought this was fascinating.

Seriously - timpanist?? LOVE IT.

6:04 PM, September 02, 2009  

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