Friday, August 28, 2009

17 Weeks...

...from today

AHHHHHHHH!!! It may as well be 17 days as fast as it will go!

One saving grace, I haven't seen Christmas decorations up yet at Wal-Mart or Sam's, although I did see some generic 'fall' decor for sale at W-M the other day but hey, it is almost the first of September.

It's been in the neighborhood of 100 since mid-June with some well timed rain breaks every 2-3 weeks so even though it's been a normal-hot summer here everything is surprisingly green and I haven't had to take out a second lean on the house to keep the grass green or keep it comfortable inside.

We are supposed to get a break for the coming days, only low to mid 90's and less humid. Believe it or not 100+ isn't hard to take as long as the humidity is under 30% but contrary to popular belief the Dallas-Ft. worth area runs around 50-60% most all summer WITH 100 or so in the day and never below 80 at night (that's the never cools off). One advantage to North Texas summers is you always know where you stand with the weather - hot and humid doesn't sneak up on you. It slaps you in the face and makes you cry for Mama - but out Laura's and Jeremy's way the desert dryness will fool you into thinking it's not as hot as it really is and next thing you know your out on the ground or worse.

I'm eager for fall. Besides being my favorite time of year I have a couple of interesting building projects I've started that I hope to have finished for the Holidays. More about that and some pics later.

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Blogger Laura said...

You and me, we both love the fall.

10:50 AM, September 01, 2009  

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