Monday, August 06, 2007

47 Days Until Autumn

We have been immeasurably blessed here in North Texas this summer. This has been one of the wettest May-July periods on record and so far one of the coolest (global warming rears it's ugly head again). Usually this time of year some of the lawns and all the weeds and grass are burned over brown but not this year. Everything is lush and green.

We haven't even had any 100 degree days...yet. Looks like later this week and for the next 10-14 days we will be playing around the century mark. I'm with Laura...I can't wait for autumn. I hope we don't have too much 'summer'. Sometimes around here we can have miserable-hot 100+ weather right up until Halloween.

Maybe this fall and winter will be different. Maybe it will be like my freshmen year in college. I had come home on Halloween weekend to attend my first post-graduation high school homecoming game. The coach let me stand on the sidelines with all my buddies for old time sake. Our game was Friday night and I froze my butt off. The temp hovered in the upper 30's...unheard of for here that time of year. The next day, Halloween, we had 4 " of snow. All the old timers said they had never seen that happen and predicted a rough winter. Two months later, right after I returned to school at the end of Christmas break, we had 2 of the worst snowstorms back to back our area has ever seen. The summer that year had been mild and wet too.

Maybe this year will be a mirror of that...we are waaaay past due for a bad winter. It's almost time for the long range winter forecasts and my favorite: the Old Farmer's Almanac! Gotta admire a bunch that tries to predict the weather a year in advance!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one!! Same exact thing here, sometimes summer lasts until November. Sometimes we have snow on Halloween. Lots of times our flowers and plants will bloom again in October... so we get a "second June". I am hoping for a "bad winter". Heh.

11:29 AM, August 07, 2007  

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