Monday, July 09, 2007

Cartoons and Movies and TV Shows - Oh My!

Laura and Jeremy crated their own Simpson's characters. Here are me and my Beautiful Wife in the world of Springfield..

Only problem was I couldn't get a full beard on me. I agree with my wife's kinda' hot! The Simpson's Movie should be allot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing it. According to Russ Transformers was awesome too. I'm tempted to wait a couple of weeks until Simpson's opens and catch them both on the same day.

We saw Die Hard over the weekend. It was just as unbelievable and over the top as the first three were and, therefore, just as entertaining. They cleaned up the language ever so slightly making it a little more kid-friendly. Hat's off to Bruce had to hurt doing some of those stunts.

I like this summer's movie mix. So far tons of fun without allot of preaching. I hate 'message' movies...the makers of Happy Feet should be shot. For 45 minutes I enjoyed this cute movie then they start bending the truth to fit some agenda and I walked out. I'm not shelling out my hard earned bucks so some dingle who doesn't live in the real world can try to force his political/social/environmental views on me. Just because they have their face in front of the public doesn't give them the responsibility or the right to spew their views all over me...whichever way those views may go. I pay them for entertainment. Period. If I want a 'message' I will seek it out. If the 'celebrities' are going to get the limelight for their cause then fairness says the lowest of the low, the not-so-rich and beautiful, the ones the world ignores should have their time too. Enough of MY didn't pay to hear my message!

Tomorrow the best season of one of the best TV shows ever is released on DVD. Ron Perlman is beyond good and Linda Hamilton...Wow. If you've never had the chance to check this out I recommend it (some or you were probably too young to fully appreciate it when it was first on). This came at a time in our lives when we needed to see hope...and to know that love would always win no matter what. Start with the first season so you can get the back story and a feel for the characters. The writing was awesome and no show had better music. I challenge anyone to find a movie or TV show that presented a more beautiful picture of New York. Ron Perlman did a CD of poetry reading set to the show's music while in will give you a new appreciation for some of the world's best poems. I loved him in Hellboy and can't until next summer's Hellboy2: The Golden Army. As good as he is, though, I could listen to (and watch) Linda Hamilton all day. I wish she had done something like the CD. She hasn't been in too much lately, at least nothing high profile. Can't blame her with children at the age her's are at now. Looks like our evening viewing is pretty well set for the rest of this week!

[BTW: This show is best viewed on a long weekend with the lights down, the AC turned up and your favorite loved one at your side].



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