Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thought for the day...Mexican Food

Taco Bell: imitation Mexican food made by a bunch of white people who don't understand how to make real Mexican food.

Taco Bueno: good Mexican food you can coincidentally get fast made by people who understand how to make good Mexican food.

To those of you in parts of the country that only have Taco Bell: my apologies. Come to our part of the world and we will show you what REAL Mexican food is.

About 9 years ago when the company I worked for sent me to Kalispell MT for 3 months to teach new hire classes a friend and I went to a very trendy looking Mexican restaurant in the ski resort town of Whitefish just north of there. It was a busy place and we had to wait a few minutes to be seated. While waiting I happened to see into the kitchen area while a waiter had the door open. I told my friend "Mike, I think we're in trouble. Look in the kitchen."

Without missing a beat he said "On no. All white people."

Our fears were confirmed when we asked our waitress for a small plate of Jalapenos on the side with our meal and she said "What are those?". That was the worst Mexican food we ever tasted.

A couple of weeks later I was driving around at dinner time and saw what looked like and old Denny's building with a sign out front advertising Mexican food. To my delight I was greeted by a family of Mexicans who owned the restaurant. That was one of the best meals I'd ever had. I frequented their restaurant until I left.



Blogger Laura said...

I had REAL Mexican food in Mexico. And I will pass on that ever again.

We have a hole-in-the-wall chain here called Super Burrito. Totally low rent and yummy.

9:36 PM, January 07, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bowling for Soup said it best.

"Come back to Texas
Besides the Mexican food sucks north of here anyway"

I love Taco Bueno and Rosa's. Taco Bell is what you eat if you are in a hurry and have a dollar.

1:20 AM, January 08, 2010  
Blogger COMPARTEBHIP said...

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1:16 AM, January 16, 2010  
Blogger brother yam said...

We have plenty of natives and they have built plenty of restarauns even here in the frozen Northlands. If you're ever up here, I'll take you to El Burrito Mercado and the best taquaria I know about (being a Minnesotan, of course....)

3:38 AM, January 30, 2010  

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