Friday, December 05, 2008


Am I the only one who thinks that congressman and senators making the auto companies bend over and take a whupin' is the pot calling the kettle black?

Funny, I don't remember this level of chastisement leveled at the banks/investment firms/insurance companies by congress when they wanted their bailout...come to think of it I don't remember those companies having to really go and ask, congress was pooping their pants trying to shovel the money at them. If Freddie Mack or Fannie Mae stopped real fast Barny Frank's head would be permanently lodged where the sun doesn't shine.

Come on guys, can the double standard crap. While the auto companies aren't blameless in the creation of their current condition and I'm not saying they should or should not be bailed out, at least these companies produce something tangible...something other than smoke and vapor...and employ millions who put in an honest days work to produce an honest product. I really wish the employees we hired to do this job (congress) had asked all these hard nosed-hard hitting questions back in October instead of getting on their knees.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm with you. But I noticed a couple of facts.

- Obama's COS was on the board of Freddie and Fannie when all of this "give out free loans" business started. My guess is they were trying to cover tracks before someone found out.

- Ford asked for a bailout either over the summer or two summers ago and were met with a resounding "NO!" They were told to change their business model.

Here's what I think. If you run a business that is producing a poor product, change the product or go out of business. Ford in particular has been known and it's in their culture to produce one thing over and over. Watch some documentaries on Ford. He basically created GM for them because he wouldn't offer ANYTHING as an upgrade or modification. Swap some execs over the years and they are all like that.

As far as the government ... shame on them for not being responsible.

Term limits is the only way to solve these things.


12:04 PM, December 06, 2008  

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