Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hard trip to Arizona

Had to make a hard trip to the Tucson area last week. My Uncle Max (mom's brother) was at the end. Left Wednesday 1-11-12, made it that night. He left this world on Friday 1-13.

Max was 81. He ran a successful business for years in Tucson. He and his wife Nelda were two of the kindest, funnest and most loving people you would ever meet. In the late '80's they moved east to Benson and engaged in their passion of raising Peruvian Passo horses until her death 3 years ago.

After mom died they (along with mom's sister Joann and Uncle Jim) were like the parents we didn't have anymore. We now have a hole in our hearts that won't be filled this side of heaven.

Max and Nelda gave our oldest daughter the greatest gift you can give anyone...the next post will be from her.

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