Friday, September 02, 2011

Dead Dog Days

Yes boys and girls, it's been that hot here in North Texas this summer.

How hot has it been? It's been so hot that the other day when it only got up to 100 it actually felt nice. 105+ during the day is bad enough but come on, Lord...68 days is enough!! The real killer is it hasn't gotten much below 85 at night since about he middle of chance for anything to cool down. But, after all, it is September and it only got up to 100 (so far) today. The weather man says that a "cold" front (smart a$$) is coming in Sunday and by Monday the high will only be about 88 or so and the low will be in the upper 60's!! Sweet relief at last. Besides the heat it's been bone dry. We can only water 2 days a week and then not between 10am and 6pm...that doesn't leave much time to get any water down before it evaporates. I have barely managed to keep my grass and shrubs from dying. Right now they look like they usually do come Thanksgiving. While the temps are about to moderate for a few days looks like the long term rain chances are slim to none...and the 15 day outlook puts us back around 100 by the 14th.

But hey, October's a comin'! Ironically after the last summer like this one (1980) the following winter was colder with a little more snow and ice than usual. We'll see how it goes this year.

In the meantime, do like the dog...stay cool!

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Anonymous russ said...

filthy heat

1:34 PM, October 04, 2011  

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