Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Change on the wind...

The other day when my beautiful wife went to feed her horses after work she said that even though it was 103 and the wind was hot like a blast furnace she could tell there was something different...she could tell there was a change coming. Well, as usual she was right. Looks like the back of our relentless heat wave has finally been broken. Monday was a heavenly 83 with showers, Tuesday was 90 and dry. What a relief! After 40+ days of 100 degree weather and humidity it feels almost like fall, just like Russ talks about in Denver! According to the guys at AccuWeather the holiday weekend and the next couple of weeks look just as good!

The drought, however, is raging on. We received about a half inch of rain on Monday but are still behind over 10" for the last 16 months. My beautiful wife is having a hard time finding hay for her babies. It's really been tough on the farmers & ranchers and all the others who rely on the rain for their livelihood. Remarkably my yard has survived the heat & dry weather pretty well. The main thing has been letting it grow LONG and cutting it REALLY tall (Highest setting on a Snapper commercial mower). I've noticed I don't have to worry about the roots scalding and the ground getting parched and cracked as much as some of the neighbors who cut theirs really short.

The way Autumn goes around here during October and November, right up to Thanksgiving, we are liable to have another heat wave getting to the upper 90's for several days. Maybe this year we will have a REAL Autumn with all the colors. We had one about 5 years ago...the days and nights gradually cooled down, no sudden heat or cold waves, not too much rain but not bone dry. That year was the most beautiful I remember here. Reminded me of the October I took my wife and daughters to Vermont for a few THAT was beautiful!

Autumn...from late September until New my favorite time of year. While the earth is getting ready to sleep everything else gears up with a new school year, all the excitement of new sports seasons (school that sports don't get me turned on anymore), renewing friendships, the Holidays coming, the State Fair of Texas and all the carnivals and's just a real special 3 or 4 months to soak up time with freinds and family as the weather passes through the 'comfortable time' on it's way from one extreme to another.

Maybe this year, too, we will have a REAL winter and not 5-8 days of cold and ice sometime in early December then some sort of 'non-winter limbo' until everything starts sprouting again in late January or early February like it's done the last couple of years. We are way past due for one. The last bad winter was in about 1986 when it stayed below freezing for over 30 days and we had 6 days it didn't get over 20. That was really unusual. I remember in December of '74 we had a terrible ice sleeted for 3 days and we had 4-6 inches of ice on the ground. We missed 8 days of school. Stunk having to go on Saturday to make it up, though! The long range forecasts that I've seen call for slighly cooler and a litte wetter than normal through February. That would be nice!

Well, what's the change of season like in your part of the world? Allison - Cory - Laura - Jeremy - David? Anybody?



Anonymous Allison said...

It doesn't really get cool here in sweltering, humid DC until well into October. But the Fall here is gorgeous... definitely my favorite season. The color on the trees is a sight to behold. Reds, greens, browns, golds, oranges... All my favorite colors! I'm with Russ. I love the fall and winter.

6:28 PM, August 30, 2006  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

There are seasons?

9:14 AM, August 31, 2006  

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